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March 14, 2010
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Reference Royal Couple by crayonmaniac Reference Royal Couple by crayonmaniac

I am too sick and I cannot paint so I just wanted to show the reference pick of my royal couple and show you all the extend of my own creativity and the extend of the references.

As the movie "The Ten Commandments" is not common knowledge you can compare for yourself.

The decision I made was that I didn't want the fifties influences in my painting like her hair and I didn't want his stern look but I wanted love and tenderness in his firm grip contrary to the domination of Yul Brunner.

I hope this is fun for my watchers to see my deviation of the original.

Thanks again to all for the way this painting is received and if you ever come to watch the 10 commandments, well enjoy it, there was quite some great scenery depicting Egypt.

And, once again, you don't have to fave this, it is only a little comparison which will go in scraps soon but I won't be angry with those who cannot help themselves to fave it anyway :hug:
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Rose74 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2010  Student Writer
So beautiful, so stunning. :faint: Amazing job, and I hope you're better now. :huggle:
Ihsahnity Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2010  Professional General Artist
Hmmm, I know what you mean by to sick to paint, ;) !!! Caught myself a virus here and it started on tuesday morning...Been lying in bed for the past two days, and today thought to give it a try to finish up the piece for the fairytale contest...And do some catching up here on DA too (My computer broke down too last week, but all is fixed again, allthough lost some of my works and WIP's :() !!! Still not feeling very well, but I will feel better again !!! Hope you're better again...Just can't do without the Crayon Magic, ;) !!!
But its cool to see the reference scene from the Ten Commandments (Which is one of my classic and epic faves, ;) !!) you used for this work...And I must say :wow:, you sure did an excellent job :thumbsup::clap: !!! So better start on the Wacom again and keep amazing me, my dear friend :iconcarameldansenplz: !!! :hug:
crayonmaniac Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
danke eric, ik kom ook juist uit twee griep virussen, eerst hoest enzo, daarna eentje met maagproblemen, tweemaal in bed, tweemaal koorts, pfffff
je laatste werk is enorm mooi, ik heb je dat geschreven.
Vandaag heb ik weer wat kunnen schilderen en morgen maak ik het af, een magisch werkje en weer eens totaal wat anders.
Het vervolg op mijn pierrot.
Bedankt dat iemand zoals jij gelooft in mijn kunnen (en al mijn niet kunnen lol lol lol)
Ihsahnity Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2010  Professional General Artist
:icongrin--plz: !!! Weer te laat met een antwoord, hihihi !!! Ik geloof in jou, maar bovenal, je moet geloven in jezelf, ;) !!! En ik geloof dat je dat weer bewezen hebt met je nieuwe creatie :wow::faint::thumbsup::clap::worship: !!!
crayonmaniac Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
danke erik, ik geloof wel in mezelf hoor, geen probleem maar ik wil nog zoveel meer bereiken hé
Ihsahnity Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2010  Professional General Artist
:lol: Ja, ik weet je doelen die je hebt gesteld, ;) !!!
BrightStar2 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2010
I love to see your comparison :D ..I do hope you feel better soon :hug: :iconletylove:
crayonmaniac Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
thanks sweetie
Laurasshadesofgrey Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I agree I like your version much better:)

Aussie-Blonde Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2010
brilliant!!!! prefect
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